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I'm Back!

I'm back and leading with my favorite knitting project this year - a Lace Capelet.

Romantic Lace Capelet for JLH

Lace Capelet

Pattern: Romantic Lace Capelet
Yarn: Kidsilk Haze - Rowan (I used Liqueur and Villain)

I visited Los Angeles in mid-May 2005 and picked up the Kidsilk Haze and the pattern at Knit Cafe in Beverly Hills. Until my sister spotted the capelet on one of their mannequins, I'd never thought to try Kidsilk Haze (too intimidated). However, within moments of my sister trying on the store model, I was fondling the Kidsilk Haze. As luck would have it, Mary-Heather had an awesome color to show me - Liqueur. I cast on right there in the store, with help from Mary-Heather, who had to walk me through my first cable cast-on (too tight of course - I ended up ripping it out and starting over a few days later).

This has been my favorite project this year, due to my overcoming my intense fear of Kidsilk Haze. And this is what was on my needles on the flight home from L.A. to Houston, accompanied by tears and earbuds (an iPod mix that my sister spent hours creating for me).

Prior to my trip to L.A., I deleted my previous blog and have since spent several months deciding what I want to accomplish by even continuing to have a blog. Basically, the only way I can exist with a knitting blog is to do it on my own terms. I want it to be a record of what I've been knitting, learning and discovering.


Awesome work on those capelets! KSH is my favorite fiber


I am inspired.

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