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Chic Knits Knitting Blog


I've been relying on Bonne Marie's website and blog from the very first days of my initial knitting experiments. However, the best resources on her site can be found at her TEKtalk link. (Don't forget to check out her free patterns as well).

I love her writing style and her non-knitting content (see the sidebar on her blog) always leads me to something interesting. Last year, she featured Club Monaco in one of her blog entries, so I checked them out when I was in L.A. and fell in love with their clothes.

Chic Knits also has some of the web's best knitting patterns for sale. These include the highly-publicized Ribby Cardi, the Gigi, and the ever-popular Chickami.

For now, I'm off to knit one of her hats . . . the plain vanilla beanie . . . with two skeins of Manos del Uruguay. Wish me luck!


Random goofy fact about me. Waaay back during all the Bill (pres clinton) and Monica hoo ha, Monica was on Barbara Walters to be interviewed. Well she had a really fantastic lipstick. A month or so later I saw in a magazine that it had been most sought after thing...to know what lipstick she was wearing. It turned out to be a shade from Club Monaco! And guess who bought some???

Janet, I love that you love your knitting creations.

Happy K1, P1