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Diversions - High Tech and Low Tech

Two indispensable tools in my knitting bag - a pencil and paper (preferably Post-it® Note Pads because they serve many purposes - not only as paper, but as bookmarks and place keepers in patterns and charts).

However, I can also appreciate having and using another nifty tool that I dug out of a drawer and have appropriated for use in my knitting:


I don't use it every day, but it is quite handy for carrying along patterns and notes. It's also synchronized with my Outlook Tasks (where I keep all my knitting project notes and information). Here's an article and resource with a broad view of how knitters can use portable applications. In the article, she also references a knitting font that I have installed and use on my laptop now. Although it's certainly not a "need," these nifty little tweaky things are fun and helpful.

For those who are interested, there are more Palm OS knitting programs for your PDA than there are Pocket PC applications. I currently do not own any knitting programs for my own PDA, but was excited to find that Nancy's Knit Knacks has a Pocket PC version of her Knit Kards: eKnitKards for Pocket PC 2003.

And because I am all over the place today (mentally), I also want to share something my friend Stacey (a crocheter, but I don't hold that against her) sent me:


It's adorable and looks like a 20's Flapper Hat. I know that crocheters don't get enough love from knitters, but I respect anybody who can take yarn and a hook and create something this wonderful! And, yes, there are crochet blogs and an online crochet magazine -- go give a crocheter some love today.


LOL, glad you don't hold anything against us crocheters!!

Oh. My. Goodness. I have to have one. Stacey, I WANT one. Janet, it looks fab on you. And the palm could be very useful for knitting. Yup.

thanks for the love!!! I'm knee-deep in flapper hats preparing for a show. They sell really well and I hope I can convert some knitters!! Your friend's version is great!

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