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Felted Bags (Sophies)

Sophie - Brown Sheep Nature Spun
Sophie, a Black Sheep Bags Pattern

This is such an economical beginner's knitting project that I recommend it to everybody who is tired of knitting scarves and wants to move on to something else. However, felting isn't for everybody! If, for instance, you're able to knit without making mistakes and you gasp when you're told to take perfectly knitted wool and give it a hot water bath and agitation . . . felting might not be for you. This particular pattern is a one-skein project and you can knit it in a weekend (or two).

Nearly everything I know about felting, I learned online and specifically on Knitty.com:Felting for Absolute Beginners

For the Sophie, you'll get an opportunity to graft your stitches and this is one of my favorite tutorials: Techniques with Theresa: Grafting Live Stitches

And, finally, here is my link to a mini-gallery of Sophies: Gallery of Sophies at Flickr

Here's an excellent guide to the different yarns available for felting (Brown Sheep Yarns): Knitter's Review: Yarns for Felting: Brown Sheep Beauties