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It's a Sock Thing*

Tuesday nights are my knitting night and I was so anxious to go last night; one of my friends had found out the sex of her first grandbaby and revealed it last night (it's a boy!) and another friend went to Cheryl Oberle's workshop in Taos and had a lot to share (including a shawl pattern). Tuesday nights are a huge part of what makes knitting so satisfying and fulfilling for me.

Travelling Knitting

I asked one of my co-workers about Nancy Bush's newest book and whether there were still some copies at the store. It led to an interesting and animated conversation about Nancy Bush (and those who have met her or attended a class) and socks. The consensus is we have to get Nancy to Texas. (Here's the blog entry that led to my curiosity and our conversation; be sure to read today's entry over there too).

I also asked whether anybody's ever done an afterthought heel and even with about 60 years' (or more) knitting experience represented, nobody has. The gauntlet was thrown and I was told to just go for it! So here's everything I am able to find online about socks and afterthought heels:

1. Jill Schaefer's Method
2. Keyboard Biologist's Notes & Experience with Afterthought Heels
3. Dawn Brocco's Afterthought Heel (halfway down the page)
4. A comprehensive heels resource
5. For fun -- some images
6. And something I'm saving to look through later: Toe Up Sock with Sherman Heel
7. Why Knit Socks? on Knitty
8. Wendy's Toe Up Sock Pattern and her Tip Top Toes article at Knitty (I adore reading Wendy, but the fingernails are distracting!)
9. Another excellent starting point and resource that I use a lot: Elizabeth Bennett's Perl Sock Program
10. Socks 101 - Great photos and instructions
11. The Sock Knitter's Companion - Step by Step Help

For my reference:
Nancy Bush books on Amazon.com:
Folk Knitting in Estonia
Knitting Vintage Socks: New Twists on Classic Patterns
Folk Socks: The History and Techniques of Handknitted Footwear

*It's a sock thing . . . you wouldn't understand


Wow, what a great resource this entry is for all of us sock knitters. Thanks for going to all the work!

And, thanks for your comment about Hopeful. I appreciate the kind words. :)

Woo! If you get Nancy Bush to TX, I am SO there!

Gooooo... afterthought heels! I love them, personally.

No, I really don't understand but I did enjoy reading about it! ;)

I Love it -----> because it's "Apple Green".

Love your bag!!

The afterthought heels are highly OVER rated. The only thing is you can replace them easily. You'll love any class you take from Nancy!

If you guys can get Nancy Bush to Texas, I am *so* there. Speaking of being there, I need to start joining you guys for Tuesday knitting again, now that school has settled down some. I miss it, but with summer and then gas prices (ugh) it just hasn't happened lately.

I'm working on socks that call for afterthought heels, but I am not in love with the pattern so I might frog them before I get to that point. I guess I could use them for practice first! ;)