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November 21, 2005

Glampyre One Skein Wonder

Glampyre - One Skein Wonder

This was such a fast and fun knit -- I used a bit more yarn than I expected to, but still less than one skein of the Lamb's Pride Worsted yarn.

The pattern is from Glampyre.com - One Skein Wonder; the designer is Stefanie Japel. Find this pattern and others in her shop. It's the perfect little topper to a tank top.

November 19, 2005


I'm pondering and also planning a blog redesign and at the very least, need to not have the blue background. I am not a huge fan of blue! I love warm, rich fall colors - red, gold, orange, green, chestnut brown. Deep saturated colors are my thing and occasionally I like a touch of fuchsia or lime green.

Right now, I have something on the needles that I am in love with and already planning to make more:

One Skein Wonder - on the needles

I'm following the pattern exactly but will add some more to the ribbing than the 1" called for. I think it will make it look better on me. If you Google "One Skein Wonder" you'll see the staggering number of knitters who have knit this before me! Check out Glampyre.com for more of Stefanie Japel's inspired knitting patterns. Her Minisweater pattern is free -- I'll be attempting that sometime after the holidays (or before . . . you never know).

November 13, 2005

Okay . . . I get it

Okay . . . I get it. I can't do it all and I can't knit everything I want to knit. I'm good at so many OTHER things that I need to explore in addition to knitting and I am definitely planning to do that. I love the blog realm and I love knitting so I'll continue to do both -- but I might be blogging about other adventures as well.

Live well

November 09, 2005


Discontent - A restless longing for better circumstances

Discontent is difficult for me to understand when one has the power to change one's thoughts and one's own circumstances. I've experienced surplus and scarcity, but I've learned that it's pointless to have restless longings for better circumstances. You either bloom where you're planted or transplant yourself elsewhere. It's not as complicated as you're making it sound.

Sentences that start with "if onlys" and "what ifs" (the self-pity kind and not the creative possibility kind) are signals to me to stop reading or stop listening. I'm not a good audience for that. And with regard to blogs in general, I'm just crossing a few off my list of reads.

Knitters, on the other hand, seem a contented lot. We don't like what we knit? The color's wrong? Unravel, frog, rip . . . do whatever it takes and start over. Perhaps we decide that the knitterly mistake is actually a "design element" and as a nod to imperfection, we embrace it and call attention to it.

I'm not a finisher by nature, but I do stick with something long enough to glean the lessons I'm meant to learn. I'm not so cowed by the pressure of completion (always external, btw) that I would rather finish something I'm no longer in love with to "earn" my chance to knit something new. I'm more committed in real life and REAL relationships than I push myself to be in my knitting. It's unnatural to imbue KNITTING with a level of commitment that it truly doesn't deserve. I'm not my family's sole source of garments (they're glad) so why push?

If you're wondering what prompted all this, I've just caught up on blog reads and email after an absence of several days. I didn't miss much apparently. The general tone is one of discontent (most knitting blogs being the exception). So I'm mixing it up a bit, taking charge of what I read and expose myself to. I'm just grateful to be here and thankful for every part of my life, even the yucky parts and the hard life lessons.

November 03, 2005

Home again

I was away for a few days at a funeral and returned late last night. For me, much of my grief is personal but I've been fortunate to have some close friends with whom I can share -- some of them friends I've met through knitting. It's a tremendous blessing. Meanwhile, I've learned that knitting itself is very healing for me.

So today I ventured out and found some things that I've been waiting to purchase (why wait?):

Future Diagonal Scarf

The yarn is Mountain Colors 4/8s for yet another diagonal/multidirectional scarf. This one is Mountain Tango. The magazine is Family Circle Easy Knitting (and I realized that I didn't get the issue I wanted after all - I was wanting the one with the felted bag on the front). The Knitting Pure and Simple pattern is for the "Neckdown Jacket" with a zipper (#201). I'm planning to tackle that someday when I regain some focus.

Hold your loved ones close and tell them what they mean to you; knit something for them or teach them how to knit. Keep things in perspective and be at peace with yourself and others. Pursue the things you are passionate about.

Multidirectional Scarf - 2004

Pattern: Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf
Yarn: 1 skein Mountain Colors 4/8s Wool (250 yard skeins)

In early 2004, I learned how to make a multidirectional scarf -- it's a modular knitting pattern inspired by Iris Schreier's multidirectional triangle scarf. I used the Indian Corn colorway for my first multidirectional scarf and decided to keep it for myself since I frogged and reknit it so many times. I ended up happiest with a thin, long scarf (24 stitches prior to turning on Size 8 Addi Turbos). I'll definitely make another one as I love the 4/8s wool and it's a great 1-skein project. I'm eyeing the Juniper colorway for my next one but Elderberry is cool too.

Multidirectional Scarf - Mountain Colors 4/8s Wool in Ruby River

Multidirectional Scarf - Mountain Colors 4/8s Wool in Ruby River

It's interesting to me that after a solid year of knitting, I'm more choosy about my knitting projects. I'll often knit more than one of something I enjoy; frogging and starting over is not at all painful. It's often a relief! My packed schedule often demands that my projects be simple and portable. Obviously, there's no shortage of things I want to knit, but socks are the most intriguing small knitting project I'm doing and it's what I want to focus on for the next several months (and not just Socktober)!