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Discontent - A restless longing for better circumstances

Discontent is difficult for me to understand when one has the power to change one's thoughts and one's own circumstances. I've experienced surplus and scarcity, but I've learned that it's pointless to have restless longings for better circumstances. You either bloom where you're planted or transplant yourself elsewhere. It's not as complicated as you're making it sound.

Sentences that start with "if onlys" and "what ifs" (the self-pity kind and not the creative possibility kind) are signals to me to stop reading or stop listening. I'm not a good audience for that. And with regard to blogs in general, I'm just crossing a few off my list of reads.

Knitters, on the other hand, seem a contented lot. We don't like what we knit? The color's wrong? Unravel, frog, rip . . . do whatever it takes and start over. Perhaps we decide that the knitterly mistake is actually a "design element" and as a nod to imperfection, we embrace it and call attention to it.

I'm not a finisher by nature, but I do stick with something long enough to glean the lessons I'm meant to learn. I'm not so cowed by the pressure of completion (always external, btw) that I would rather finish something I'm no longer in love with to "earn" my chance to knit something new. I'm more committed in real life and REAL relationships than I push myself to be in my knitting. It's unnatural to imbue KNITTING with a level of commitment that it truly doesn't deserve. I'm not my family's sole source of garments (they're glad) so why push?

If you're wondering what prompted all this, I've just caught up on blog reads and email after an absence of several days. I didn't miss much apparently. The general tone is one of discontent (most knitting blogs being the exception). So I'm mixing it up a bit, taking charge of what I read and expose myself to. I'm just grateful to be here and thankful for every part of my life, even the yucky parts and the hard life lessons.


have i mentioned my undying devotion lately??

Amen Sista! Amen.

Not that I read knitting blogs or ANY blogs for that matter. I saw this and just wanted to say... Well written and strong words we we can all give heed to. Bravo!

Oy vey... similar to something I said just a few days ago. Now I need to put it into action and live it out!

I found your blog through Bonne Marie and have spent some time reading your archives and looking at all your fabulous pictures. Yours is the type of blog I want to read. Insightful, smart, beautiful projects, and very cool, just what I'm looking for when I read a blog. Thanks.

Really good entry.

You know, I've never really thought about it that way, but you make some really good points. Next time I start to complain about something, I'll remember this. Meanwhile, I'm going to photograph my Trekking socks tomorrow and then frog them. I've got some new sock yarn waiting to get on those needles!

Hear, hear! I love that - "bloom where you're planted or transplant yourself elsewhere" - words to live by. :-)

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