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Home again

I was away for a few days at a funeral and returned late last night. For me, much of my grief is personal but I've been fortunate to have some close friends with whom I can share -- some of them friends I've met through knitting. It's a tremendous blessing. Meanwhile, I've learned that knitting itself is very healing for me.

So today I ventured out and found some things that I've been waiting to purchase (why wait?):

Future Diagonal Scarf

The yarn is Mountain Colors 4/8s for yet another diagonal/multidirectional scarf. This one is Mountain Tango. The magazine is Family Circle Easy Knitting (and I realized that I didn't get the issue I wanted after all - I was wanting the one with the felted bag on the front). The Knitting Pure and Simple pattern is for the "Neckdown Jacket" with a zipper (#201). I'm planning to tackle that someday when I regain some focus.

Hold your loved ones close and tell them what they mean to you; knit something for them or teach them how to knit. Keep things in perspective and be at peace with yourself and others. Pursue the things you are passionate about.


Your last paragraph really speaks to me today. Thanks for the reality check.
I'm sorry for your loss.



I agree. I am glad you are back and that things may return to normal soon. You are right about doing things you want for those you love, life is so fleeting, we never know what tomorrow brings. What if you wait to buy a certain skein of yarn and then you can't use it, because you are no longer around. We missed you. Mariann

~I'm Sorry~

big hugs


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