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Okay . . . I get it

Okay . . . I get it. I can't do it all and I can't knit everything I want to knit. I'm good at so many OTHER things that I need to explore in addition to knitting and I am definitely planning to do that. I love the blog realm and I love knitting so I'll continue to do both -- but I might be blogging about other adventures as well.

Live well


ahhh, new adventures. Sounds like you are investing wisely. :) I'm so glad to know you!

I honestly believe that is a very good thing when you come to that point in your life. Balance & serenity are important.

By the way, my giddy find from yesterday has to do with adventures with new things that I'm already familiar with. How is that for a teaser? More on Wednesday afternoon...

Although I enjoy your knitting posts, I am excited to see what other creative adventures you have planned!

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