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I'm pondering and also planning a blog redesign and at the very least, need to not have the blue background. I am not a huge fan of blue! I love warm, rich fall colors - red, gold, orange, green, chestnut brown. Deep saturated colors are my thing and occasionally I like a touch of fuchsia or lime green.

Right now, I have something on the needles that I am in love with and already planning to make more:

One Skein Wonder - on the needles

I'm following the pattern exactly but will add some more to the ribbing than the 1" called for. I think it will make it look better on me. If you Google "One Skein Wonder" you'll see the staggering number of knitters who have knit this before me! Check out Glampyre.com for more of Stefanie Japel's inspired knitting patterns. Her Minisweater pattern is free -- I'll be attempting that sometime after the holidays (or before . . . you never know).


Love your minisweater! Good luck on the redesign-I had a hard time with mine only because I am terrible with computers.Can't wait to see more