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Cabled Clutch

I was planning to put this on my sidebar, but it's so cool that I had to create an entry for it:

Libby's Cabled Clutch

Go there and read the entry and have a look at the pattern - so adorable.

Now . . . click here, and here.

I've seen this clutch talked about on several knit blogs. -- the idea has taken off in a rather viral way! And, yes, you could totally knit one for less than $150 . . . or just maybe you could design your own knit handbag and put a $150 price tag on it. The most interesting thing to me is the difference between the type of person who would knit and carry their own knit knock-off of the cable clutch and the one who would create a new and equally smashing original knit handbag design. Neither knitter is "better" than the other, but they are two distinctly different approaches.


Oh pretty. I love the cable knit look!

I saw these bags about a year ago and thought they were really cute then. Now that you have link to all the different versions and the pattern, I have to at least try one.

Can a non-knitter chop up a lovely cable knit sweater that she is wearing (that she spilled paint on) and make one of those? 'Cause if she can.... hmmmmm! ;-)

you're so right! and i can knit. and ill tell yout his much.. it does not cost more than 20 bucks to buy what you need to make one.. and it can take a day if you knit all day..

and im not talking mean things when i say... you can tell those were knit in a rush...

anyone can make their own... with love and care.. and if i was to make one and sell it.. i would not sell it for that much! i would probrably charge $30.. im thinking of selling them on ebay.. but well see...

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