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Quiet Desperation

"The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation" - Henry David Thoreau

It is totally by design that this is a boring blog.

One of my sisters stopped by my blog not too long ago and had this to say, "I love it but it's just about knitting!"

Yes. It is. No personal information here except as an occasional afterthought. When I made the decision to begin blogging again, I chose to limit the revealing stuff and stick to knitting - my passion. It's highly unlikely that any but a handful will find it interesting here at all. It's about striking the proper balance for MYSELF and using this as a forum for those who know me well already -- some of my local fellow knitters.

For those to whom I am gifting knitting this year, please understand that I am capable of purchasing a store-bought gift -- yet I have invested some time and thought to create something with my own hands, something chosen especially for you to use and enjoy over the years. If you're dubious about handcrafted items, I hope you read this entry at Keri Smith's blog. Nothing would be more meaningful to me than to have handcrafted or handmade items in my own home, but I know that many don't feel that way . . . and that's okay.

As for quiet desperation, I don't experience it much. I used to experience it EVERY DAY, but so much has happened this past year that proves WE DON'T HAVE MUCH TIME HERE. In 2005, I made some incredibly poor choices and yet have been extended immeasurable grace and forgiveness. I see it as a second chance and an opportunity to not waste a single moment. Knitting keeps me on track and is a constant reminder of that grace and forgiveness.

Happy Holidays, dear readers and a special thanks to those who have stayed with me through blog changes and know how to read between the lines.


Great entry. Thank you for sharing, and I think most people, including me, could benefit from the wisdom. AND, I sure would like a knit hat!

(((hugs))) I love you dear. I love your wisdom too! I can't count the time that your words have aided me tremendously!

I don't usually comment because I'm not a knitter, and don't have much to add. I do read you off of bloglines and have admired your work (posted pics). Between you and Stacey I'm flirting with the idea of picking up a class at Joanne's. I agree, that our time is limited, and I pray that your peace and your knowledge of grace given for you will not fade in the time to come. God bless.

Big Christmas Hug, hope you're entering 2006 knowing how prescious you are.

Boring? Nah! You couldn't be if you wanted, in blogsville or in person. :) Merry Christmas, Janet!

Most excellent. Yes, time is short! Hoping the New Year will be better! Keep writing! and KNIT ON! Peace.

Handmade gifts are the BEST! Hope that the New Year is good to you and yours.

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