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Knit Blogs: Thoughts

Margene posed some interesting questions on her blog the other day and I decided to answer them here:

How do you blog?

I blog a combination of knitting, photos, technique, and my discoveries. It's also what I love to see in other blogs.

Let's say you come across a new blog you haven't seen before and it looks interesting, full of pictures, and knitting you like. Do you read the first post or two only or do you really look around the blog? Do you check the FO photos, the archives and/or the links on the sidebar? Do you let the person know you like what you see and that you’ll be back?

Where knitting blogs are concerned, I let Bloglines tell me when there are updates to a particular blog but I like to navigate away from Bloglines to go to the blog itself. I also prefer to build a relationship with a blog before I leave a comment for the blogger. However, over the last several months, I've been terrible about leaving comments. I used to automatically leave a comment on any entry that struck a chord. These days, I'll read without commenting more often than not. I don't really know why that is, but I would like to say to my fellow knit bloggers that I enjoy your entries and photos and the time you take in updating. I just don't want anybody to think I visit their blogs in order to get them to visit mine.

When you go to a blog that you read daily, or whenever you have the chance, do you check to see if they have added anything new to their blog? (Some of you do, I know.) Do you read every word of a post or do you scan it, skim for content that catches your eye? Do you check the links and/or comments?

There are specific blogs that I visit and revisit to see what's new on the main page. On the actual entries, I scan and skim once and then read again for content. Most of the time, I check the links and I frequently check the comments. It totally depends on the blog. Some blogs are a bit "busy" (buttons, KAL's, etc) and overstimulating so I prefer to read those through Bloglines.

Do you generally blog on the fly and hit as many blogs as you can, or do you take you time to visit only a few blogs and read them thoroughly and leave a comment?

My blog-reading habits have changed so much. I only check Bloglines once a week now, but there are a small handful of blogs I check every single day . . . anticipating each and every new post.

What is it that attracted you reading a blog in the first place? If you blog do you enjoy new bloggers stopping by to comment so you can go check out their blogs, too?

The first thing that attracts me to a blog is the photos, but what keeps me going back regularly is the blogger's writing style, humor, knitting ability, and personality (I definitely seem to prefer perky, positive types).

(Thank you, Margene for making me think -- it also led me to update my website!)

And strictly for fun and because she doesn't have a blog of her own, I am sharing some of Alisa's recent finished knits:

Alisa's moccasins Alisa's FINISHED sampler cardiganAlisa's FINISHED cardigan (back)


Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It seems we all have much in common in our likes and our ways of getting around in Blogland. Your friend Alisa does beautiful work!

Awww - look at her fabulous *finished* sweater! How great! I really need to finish mine!

Interesting to read about your thought processes as they apply to the blog world. Cool to see how you streamline things.