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Socks & Mariann

I inadvertantly started knitting another sock:

This morning . . .
Trekking XXL - Zitron - Color #133

It started as a swatch and I kept knitting so I could watch the colors change (probably only exciting to me!) and before I knew it, I had knitted myself halfway to a sock. I finally put it down this morning so I could get on with my day. The colors are so pretty and soft!

Knit night this past Tuesday evening included a lot of knitting as well as a retirement celebration! Mariann, my good friend and knitting teacher, has retired from her job at Texas Childrens Hospital and will be moving soon -- temporarily at first but permanently later. If I said I would miss her, it would be an understatement. I will miss being able to get her instant feedback and encouragement. I will miss her insistence that I can knit anything I put my mind to. I will miss her ability to speak honestly and decisively about anything and everything. Mariann's the one who pushed me to at least TRY to start knitting something besides dishcloths and to learn how to purl. She also patiently taught me how to knit my first socks. And my favorite thing about her is that even if I started TODAY, my stash acquisition could never equal hers! I can accumulate yarn guilt-free knowing that somebody I know has more than I do. For sharing your passion, Mariann, I can't thank you enough and I will miss you.

Mariann & Robin
Mariann (L) & Robin (R) on Tuesday at Knit Night

Baby Booties - Knit by Mariann
Mariann knit these adorable booties for our friend Alisa's first grandbaby


Inadvertantly...I like that;-)
I have the same color or a similar one. Beautiful!!

The sock looks great. And, Mariann, best of luck on your move. I know Janet and the rest of the group will miss you.

"probably only exciting to me!" Uh, no. I've done the same thing many times before!

I had no idea Mariann was going to be moving. She is such a neat lady, she will definitely be missed by all of us!

Don't you just hate when suddenly you've knit a sock without even realizing? Happens all the time ;)

Your sock is so pretty! I like the way that Trekking yarn stripes- very subtle colors. Please tell me it's really scratchy or something because I CAN NOT buy any more sock yarn!

Hi Janet...you losing Mariann is my gain, we are right now sitting in my living room knitting red white and blue socks in honor of the Olympics! Have no fear, I will send her back in a couple of weeks for a hopefully brief stay in Texas! In the mean time she is enjoying the snow but not the cold temperatures!
Penny, Mariann's little sister....errr, make that younger sister! Tee Hee

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