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Today's entry was going to be about a pair of finished socks

Today's entry was going to have a photo of a finished pair of socks, not an in-progress one:

ALMOST a pair

. . . but I didn't finish knitting them (sleep was much more important). I'm about an inch away from the toe decreases right now. My goal was to finish them before the end of the month and I think I'll make that deadline. My February socks will be knit with Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in the "Watercolor" colorway. I've swatched already and it's just an amazing yarn! I also have Mountain Colors Bearfoot and Plymouth Sockotta in my sock yarn stash and yet another skein of Lorna's Laces ("Cedar Stripe") from Purl Soho.

I taught a sock knitting class on Saturday (my first class and it's sock knitting? Oh the irony!) What was supposed to be a 2-1/2 hour class was a 3-1/2 hour class due to my unfamiliarity with the material and the pattern (we complete a small sock in the class). But I did it -- I taught a class. Fortunately, I had a wonderful and understanding first student and she was delighted with her finished sock, so I couldn't really be any happier. I'm definitely going to go over the material and make my OWN classroom sock so I won't be stressed at the last minute next time.

Another almost-finished object is the mate to this wristwarmer (One Day Wristwarmer). There's a mod to this and it's that I made them 7" long before starting the thumb hole. The pattern calls for 4-1/2" before the thumbhole round.

one-day wristwarmers

This gorgeous yarn is Mission Falls 1824 Wool in Color #24 (a deep purple). Love it. I used less than one skein for an extra-long wristwarmer.


I think it's absolutely awesome that you're teaching a class! Too fun! I'm sure you do a fabulous job and are good at explaining all they need to know in a way that they understand it. :) I'm not a knitter, and your explanations even make sense to *me!* lol! The fact that YOU enjoy it so much surely inspires your "students!"

Yay Janet! You sock! I mean... rock! ;)

Janet! Are you knitting socks on size 0? Or is that a 1? You are truly amazing! I only did that once! I now consistently use 2's.... I'm gettin' ready to cast on some in Opal. It's been a while since I've made heels - I've been cheating and knitting tubes! :o)

Love the wrist warmers! I've been making those, too! I found some fabulous micro fibre yarn! Warm, soft, and easy to knit!

Are you joining the Knitting Olympics? I've a link on my page if you're curious!

(((((( Hugs! ))))))))

Wow, diamonds go very nicely with purple. Or the other way around. Either way, it makes for a lovely hand.

My sock class was 3 1/2 hours too when I attended, so don't feel bad! I was still a knitting newbie and forgot how to purl (doh!) and I kept adding stitches to my rows when I was turning them - it was a mess! (Of course that was my fault, not hers.) I'm sure you did fabulous!

You know, I never did finish those mini socks. I wonder if I still have the pattern? I could probably use them with all the pregnant friends lately. Hm.

Wow! The wristwarmer looks lovely, and I am so glad you used my pattern! The first pair I made was almost exactly that color, too.

May I link to this blog entry from the pattern page so people can see how yours turned out?

Hi,i just finished three christmas stockings for my daughter, very fun, from debbie bliss casmerino.

would love to receive your purple wristwarmer pattern and can't see how to get it ??