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Change is in the air

What I am reading today:

Breaking Away - Creative Ideas to Jump-Start Your Knitting
Knitting for Maniacs
Sabrina Ward Harrisons - The First 34 Things on My Mind Today

I'm starting a daily journaling exercise (on paper) in which I write down all the themes (one word each) that are at the forefront of my mind; I keep writing (or typing) until I stop. I've discovered some common themes each time I sit down to write and think. Today while I was going through some of my favorite links, I realized I was "finding" some of the themes that have been on my mind. Is it coincidence or the concept of good fortune favoring the prepared? I'm discovering through this exercise that my mind is prepared to see the answers as I go about my day.

Creative successes aren't achieved merely by investing in products or materials (though it often gives us a sense of excitement when we do so), but it's fully experiencing a moment and recording a thought or idea in a way that's meaningful and memorable. For me, I have that experience whenever I put pen to paper, open my word processing program, or pick up a skein of yarn. I appreciate those of you who take the time to write about your creative processes and your enjoyment of or disappointment in your projects. Bloggers I am drawn to (and continue to read) are those who are able to transcend the insignificant and superficial and focus on what fulfills their creative vision.

Enjoy whatever it is that stirs you and have a sense of adventure about it.


I like the idea of listing themes. Could be very revealing.

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