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Chunky Cable Purse - Knitpicks Version

This was a quick and enjoyable knit:

Chunky Cable Purse - Knitpicks.com - Sierra
Click the photo (above) for a link to the pattern notes

Chunky Cable Purse - Knitpicks - Sierra

I've decided that I really, really love knitting cables! It gave me a break from knitting this:

Lorna's Laces Cedar Stripe
Lorna's Laces "Cedar Stripe" from Purl Soho

with this:

Lorna's Laces

After this pair is complete, I'm giving striped sock yarn a rest for a while. While knitting this morning, I listened to a new knitting podcast that I highly recommend: Pointy Sticks podcast. Christine's a local knitter and fellow fiber enthusiast. She can also be found blogging at Big Pink Cookie and sharing her photos at Flickr. Most remarkable to me is her total lack of a Texas accent. Congratulations, Christine, on your first podcast!


Thank you for "tuning in," Janet! I truly appreciate it! If you ever have any suggestions for the "show" - let me know! I would love your feedback!

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