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Color Me Happy . . . with Moss Stitch

Thank you, Lynn-Anne for educating me regarding moss stitch. I'm in love with it; it's a close cousin of seed stitch and both are equally as difficult to achieve if you're a right-hand thrower like I am. However, there's a pleasant rhythm to BOTH of these that I love. I can't share any photos yet, but I am using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. I'd forgotten just how scrumptious it is to work with. It reminded me that I need to finish my Knitty Tempting from last year. I also have 6 more balls of the Cashmerino Aran in an off-white color (I was thinking of a 2nd Tempting with it but might try something different).

Photos will return in my next blog post.

Last weekend, I worked the anniversary sale at Twisted Yarns and I really shouldn't be surprised at how the sock yarn flew out the door! I know it wasn't because I was gushing over the new Cherry Tree Hill Supersock sock yarn or the Trekking XXL. Everybody truly IS knitting socks these days. For the sock yarn stash (which I did mention I would be enhancing this year), I purchased another Trekking XXL (Color #69) and a Burgundy Cherry Tree Hill (and oh yes, I'll go back for the variegated ones I want later).

There has been a lot of progress on the sock-knitting (and re-knitting) front here at Chez Twisted Knitter. Don't you hate photo-less blogs? I DO! If you want to see a cool pair of Trekking socks, click here.

On the Sockapalooza update, I have purchased yarn for my Sock Pal's socks! They should arrive via USPS soon! If I don't totally love the yarn I ordered, then I'll choose something from my sock yarn stash in a color that I think she would enjoy.


I'm so happy there is so much sock love going on. You know me... I LOVE socks as much as the rest of the sockerly obsessed. :)

If I didn't already have 2-3 skeins of Cherry Tree Hill, I *so* would have bought some last weekend. Matter of fact, I wandered around with the cherry red color for awhile, but talked myself out of it and bought some Blue Sky silk/alpaca in the cherry red instead. Along with some Cascade 220 in cherry red. Hmmm... must have been my day for that color!

I was hoping you would be there last Friday - I missed you!

I'm a big fan of moss stitch as well, I'm just not a fan of switching back and forth between moss and seed as I've been doing with the two scarves I've been working on. Seed stitch takes over your brain after a while and default becomes knit over all purls and purl over all knits!

Have fun with your socks!

Hello fellow fan of moss stitch! I love it and the pretty texture it creates.

Trekking socks look fab! (Someday I will succomb to the call of sock knitting, I'm sure. Especially after all the lovely ones I see on my favorite knitblogs!)

I LOVE hand knit socks. My mom used to knit me a pair for every christmas.

They're so much more cozy and comfy, there's really no comparison.