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First Socks of 2006

REGIA Ringel

I completed my first pair of socks of 2006! (I finished the 2nd sock during Super Bowl XL last night). I've learned that it's more difficult to knit these darker colors and actually see the stitches, so I've since cast on for a lighter-colored sock on Size 2 rosewood needles.. I'm using Beth Brown-Reinsel's "Basic, Easy Socks in Seven Sizes" for the next pair of socks I'm knitting. It's knitting up so quickly on 2's! Since starting last night, I'm already to the heel flap.

I'll be frogging the pink Trekking XXL socks since I think they are a bit too tight, even for me.


Very nice!! One of these days...I too will make a sock, or two :-)

The socks look great! I like the background for your blog.

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