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Irish Hiking Scarf Progress

Irish Hiking Scarf

UPDATED: 2/2/2006 - Mossy Cottage "Mango" Irish Hiking Scarf and Yarn Obsession "Mango" Irish Hiking Scarf (for Irish Scarf Knitters Who Love Orange)

Today . . . I am dealing with a totally frustrating situation and THE KNITTING HELPS . . . as does a day or two off. I am wisely going to refrain from writing about what it is until I can get some distance from it. By then, maybe I'll have the wisdom to keep it to myself and nobody will be the wiser. However, I do wonder if I'm a better knitter when I'm angry. I'll let you know.


I so hear you. KNITTING IS THERAPEUTIC. Knit on, J.

Yipes! I, too, can totally relate... however, watch your tension, girl!

I love the color you've chosen for your IHS, it's beautiful!

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