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Quick Knitting

Pink Dishcloth
Click the photo above for pattern notes at Flickr

It's hardly worth blogging, but dishcloths are what started it all for me. A little over two years ago, I challenged myself to learn how to knit dishcloths like this (with a gentle prod from a friend who was already learning to knit) because my mom loves them so much. She's terribly hard to buy for and is allergic to precious metals and nearly every fiber other than cotton (and polyester! LOL!), I knew that these humble little dishcloths were the perfect gift for her. Obviously, I've ventured beyond these since then and am coming up on my 2-year knitting anniversary. I am quite a slow learner when it comes to knitting. I knit six Sophies before the whole design "clicked" for me and I figured out how to count rounds correctly and how to do left- and right-leaning descreases. The Booga Bag was a bit more straightforward and I learned circular knitting (and i-cord) on the Booga and discovered a serious NORO addiction. I love the bits of organic matter embedded in the yarn and I get so much pleasure out of knitting with anything NORO.

This year, I am conquering sock-knitting and shooting for a finished pair of socks every month. It will likely take my knitting several pair before all of it clicks for me, but I'll continue to do it because I just enjoy it SO MUCH. There's nothing like facing your fears (sock-knitting was a huge fear) and discovering new things about yourself.

Next year -- Fair Isle. I scare myself.

In a totally unrelated vein, I came across some excellent copyright links at Bonne Marie's Chic Knits blog this morning. The links are in her sidebar. I have seen several well-meaning people (and not just knitting-related sites) blatantly stealing others' works. Some of the most serious offenders knew better but did it anyway. Of special interest to me was 10 Big Myths About Copyright..


Isn't it nice how something simple can turn into something challenging and captivating!!?
Speaking from experience those dishcloths are really nice! The info on copyrights is very informative! Thank you for posting! Some people disregard copyrights and a peeve of mine, it is!

On a note totally unrelated to knitting... is that a new faucet that your lovely dishclothing is hanging from? It looks similar to mine, and I remember you *liked* mine! lol!

My grandmother has always make "those" dishcloths and when I taught a group of women to knit at the library last fall all they wanted to do was knit dishcloths. One woman knit over 100 of them! Yikes. They have begun to want to knit other things and learn new things, but for a while it was all dishcloths all the time. I think these humble dishcloths are the best.

Happy upcoming Knitiversary! I'm so glad you knit - and I knit - because otherwise I might not have had the opportunity to meet you, and that would have been a bad thing. I would have missed out on someone wonderful! :D

My Grandma taught me to knit in '97 using the dishcloth pattern. I enlarge the pattern for baby blankets frequently for gifts. Are you aware of the Monthly Dishcloth knit-a-long? I just discovered it this month. While I like to continue learning new knitting I find the dishcloths to be a very relaxing & quick thing. :)

I must say, I enjoy this site. Could tell me how I can keeping up to date with it.

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