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Sensational Knitted Socks

Christine's Pointy Sticks podcast is live now! (No iPod required - just click and listen).

I ordered a highly-recommended sock book recently and each time I sit down to look through it, I learn something new. Sensational Knitted Socks demystifies the sock-knitting process and provides resources for those who learn best visually as well as for those who prefer to deal with charts and tables. If asked which one sock-knitting resource I would recommend, this is it. There are instructions for 4 dpns, 5 dpns and knitting socks on 2 circular needles (also adaptable to the "Magic Loop" technique). Ask for it at your local yarn store or favorite bookstore.

I mentioned in an earlier blog entry that I am going to attempt knitting socks using the "Magic Loop" method and I brought the instructional booklet home with me today. There are also many excellent tutorials online, but the booklet showcases the method along with providing several additional non-sock patterns using an extra-long circular needle.

Thank you all for the suggestions regarding clogs/mules! Before too long it will be warming up here and I won't be wearing ANY socks -- it will be flip-flops and pedicures for me! However, I'll definitely keep knitting socks so I can meet my sock-knitting goal for the year.

I've been a bit quiet online the past few weeks . . . I've been in a season of learning some new things about myself and breaking some bad habits. The older I get, the more I realize that I desire freedom from expectations more than I desire just about anything. I tend to allow others to set standards for me and I just can't do that any longer. I can't get back the opportunities I've simply LOST due to my over-involvement in things that truly do not fulfill any of my personal goals. It's not regret as much as it is the feeling of frustration I get over ONCE AGAIN allowing others' expectations supersede my own dreams. Initially, I am excited when my friends start something new and when I am asked to help, I do so! But I'm learning to say, "You can do this on your own! I believe in you!" The truth is -- I really DO believe in people. I sometimes continue to believe in people when they lose faith in themselves. YOU are equipped with whatever it is you need to discover and live out your own purpose and your own dreams. I believe that when somebody is passionately pursuing something they were meant to do, they simply need encouragement from the sidelines . . . they don't really NEED for me to roll up my sleeves and work alongside them. I can advise, encourage, facilitate and cheerlead. It's enough. And although I am seriously overdue in having learned this lesson, it's not too late for me.


Good entry, and good lesson also. What a wise knitter!

Great observation, Janet.

The move from timid to fearless, no matter what the pursuit, can only truly be acheived by the individual herself. Confidence is contageous, and it's found not by letting others plot our paths, but by assessing our own abilities and maxin' 'em out! Friendly cheerleaders certainly make the road more fun... but your cheerleaders really can't play your game on your behalf.

Here's to the fishermen! :)

That is a great lesson to learn. I don't always take on stuff for other people like that; instead I take on too many commitments (mine along with things for others) and end up stretched too thin and can't get anything done. So stressful for me.

I might be able to come knit on Tuesday if you need help with the Magic Loop; otherwise we could maybe get together next Friday afternoon. I would be happy to pass on any tips I know! (However, I believe you can do it, really - once you get started and "see" it in action, it isn't hard at all.)

May all your knitting be ladder free!

I am STILL mucking through the socks on two circs.
I like "I can advise, encourage, facilitate and cheerlead" I think I may start using that line if you don't mind.

Hey there! Nice blog, it's my first time here! ^_^ I was looking through your pics. You have knitted some really nice items! ^_^ I saw some familiar sites in some of the pics....are you from texas? I used to live in Houston for 3 years. I moved back to newfoundland almost 2 years ago.

I hear you! I had a friend who wanted me to "teach" her how to do short rows, but when the time came she handed me her knitting and EXPECTED ME TO DO IT for her. Uh...it doesn't work that way, my dear, and neither do I.