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Sockapaloooza 2006


I'm participating in my first Sockapaloooza and received my "sock pal" information yesterday. I signed up as a beginner since this is my first time participating. Meanwhile, since it's the "Year of the Sock" at Twisted Knitter, this fits in nicely with my theme. (It's also the Year of the Dog and Polly wrote it about it last week). This morning, I noticed that Margene is participating in Sockapaloooza (and look -- there's a a very familiar-looking skein of Trekking XXL in her blog entry). And yesterday, she so kindly introduced her newer readers to Beaverslide Dry Goods. She's generous that way.

I found a wonderful blog a few weeks ago and I highly recommend it for inspiration and incredibly pretty design - Posie gets Cozy. I also love Good to be Girl for visual appeal.

If you want to follow progress with me on Kate's Butterfly 2, hop on over to her blog to see her take on the Rowan "Butterfly" in a scrumptious color. And while you're hopping around keeping up with me, since I am all over the place this morning, be sure to visit Annie to see her completed Celtic Dreams.

Do something creative today!


I can just tell you're going to have so much fun. Btw I read Posie gets Cozy too and love it.

Enabling is a big part of blogging, no?

hey planetjanet, thanks for the link! btw, love your red felted bag.

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