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Socks - Fortissima Mexico

This is what I've been working on:

Fortissima Mexico Color #9074

Fortissima Mexico Color #9074

This is the first sock yarn I ever purchased and it's seen a lot of false starts. I'm amazed it's held up through all the frogging and rewinding. This particular yarn is no longer part of the current sock yarn offerings at Schoeller-Stahl, but you might enjoy looking at their website anyway.

I'm once again to the toe decreases and am learning more about the type of toe I want on a sock. I prefer traditional symmetrical decreases with neither a too-pointy or too-wide toe. So these will get the traditional decrease and 10-12 stitches remaining on the front and back needles prior to "kitchenering." Although I've used a K1P1 ribbing, I think I prefer a K2P2 ribbing.

Did I mention that my busy life accomodates sock-knitting much better than any other type of knitting project? It's perfect for the tiny bits of unfocused time I find here and there. Otherwise, something that requires close attention and focus for extended periods will provide nothing but frustration. If you need socks knit, I'm your girl! It really is the best portable project. It really can't "grow" beyond a certain size and at any point, I can set it down and know where I'm at when I pick it up. Granted, if there's patterning involved, that might be a different outcome altogether. It's also a perfect "sitting up in bed" project. When I start to get sleepy, I'm always close to a stopping point when I'm knitting a sock. Not so with most other projects.

I've found that I really seem to prefer the shorter DPN's (Brittany Birch) over the longer ones (Clover Bamboo). I will continue to use whatever I have on hand, however, so I can have more than one sock I'm knitting at any given time! I also want to learn and master the Magic Loop method.

This week I received the sock yarn I ordered for my Sock Pal's socks from Knit Picks. I chose the Cape Cod colorway of the Sock Landscape sock yarn but when I received it, I wasn't crazy about it. My sock pal might be treated to a pair of socks knit with some Cherry Tree Hill instead.

So, now I have to know what type of shoes that handknit sock wearers wear! I want to actually wear and show off my socks! Links and photos are very much appreciated.


I wear mine with ever type of shoe. Some socks are better for clogs and some are great for regular shoes. Some of my office mates and friends always ask to see my socks as I can go a whole month and not have to wash.

Nice socks! I would also like to learn the Magic Loop...one of these days. I am not sure how much I like knitting socks, I am making my second pair, I do like how portable they are tho. I think that after Sockpoolza I will try a pair on larger needles.Happy knitting

Janet you surely are the sock queen!!! You have truly mastered it. Those socks are beautiful!!

Wow! I love that sock yarn. You've done a beautiful job. The Mexican colors are gorgeous. It figures that it's no longer available.

Beautiful socks.
I wear lots of clogs. I especially like the 'Clarks' brand. I've got about 6 pair of them.

I wish I could wear Clarks because they are beautiful shoes, but they don't work with the arch in my foot. I wear shoes with an open back almost all the time; I think my Mary Jane style shoes are Euro-something (from Famous Footwear) and I also wear Birkenstocks. I love the Birkenstocks.