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Wonky blog layout & wonky me

That's what happens when you start playing with Stylesheets and CSS . . . at least that's what I think has happened here. If you're reading me through Bloglines (which I highly recommend, btw), then you're not aware of the "wonky." My Bloglines feed is set up in such a way that you can see the photos/graphics, etc. as well as the full blog entry.

If you're reading this blog entry at my blog and you see a white background (and not a patterned one) behind the words, then all is okay.

As for my mood, it's better. I'm not as angry-feeling as I was this morning. Something hit me today that was the culmination of comments made to me on Saturday, then yesterday and now today. I won't elaborate on it other than to say the following:

1. Knitters use the internet! If you own a yarn store and you aren't aware of this and you don't plan accordingly, then you are ignoring an essential group of knitters -- knitters who, although they are not LIKE you, rely HEAVILY on the internet for information about yarn, for improving their knitting skills and keeping abreast of trends. They are willing to spend their money with yarn merchants who understand them.

2. When I share my ideas, once those ideas or suggestions are released, the rest is up to you. I'm not saying that every one of my ideas is good, but I do share them.

3. Time spent on helping improve somebody else's business is time that I willingly spend until it's taken for granted. I've not asked to be compensated in any way for ideas generated on my own time. I listen, I learn and I choose how to spend my time. So . . . today . . . I learned a very valuable lesson.


Oh dear. I can't see the words unless I read through Bloglines. The patterned background is behind it instead of white.

The new layout looks great!

Sorry to hear you were out of sorts. Your comment about knitting stores and the internet is spot on. I don't understand why some shops are so dismissive of it.

I've had similar thoughts recently when visiting a LYS. I hope shop owners realize what they are missing eventually. I'll share the rest sometime in person...

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