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Finally facing facts

I had to finally give in yesterday to the fact that I have had a cold . . . nothing serious, just a lot of congestion, sneezing, sinus discomfort and low energy. I've been trying to rest, but resting makes me think of all the things I should be doing instead of . . . resting.

With my husband's help, I think I am finally to the point where I can organize my small yarn stash a bit better. I'm going through Phase 1 today and matching yarn with projects and will be ruthless about prioritizing. I love using my Outlook Calendar and Tasks for this. It works well for me, but I also have a spreadsheet that I've not updated in several months. I don't want or need to use both -- I'll have to choose!

I taught a beginner's sock knitting class yesterday and really enjoyed it in spite of not feeling well. I learn a lot from teaching and it's fascinating for me to hear how people talk to themselves while they're learning. If you believe you can learn something new, you will. If you're convinced you can't, you won't. I love teaching knitting, but haven't found a way yet to instill confidence in people who are trying new skills. Food for thought.


Get some rest and take care of yourself. Colds are no good!

Sorry you are feeling bad. It looks like you are powering through it by not feeling well and still teaching! With good instruction, practice and a little encouragement they will gain confidence and remember that you helped them.

hope you are feeling better-i've had a cold for two weeks-yuck!

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