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I'm an intrepid knitter

Apparently, according to Noni Bags, I'm an intrepid knitter. However, I'm also a scatterbrained one. I left my knitting basket at work yesterday and since the store won't be open again till Tuesday, I am without all my supplies, stitch markers and counters. I was sad until I realized this meant I could start a new project with the yarn and pattern I'd purchased yesterday -- that along with my Denise needle set and I was good to go. I cast on last night for a Noni Bags' "Felted Carpet Bag" in the medium size. Clicking on the link to the brochure will open a pdf, but it has a great photo of Nora Bellows' Fall/Winter 05-06 bags. I've also got the pattern for the camellia flowers and all the yarn I need to make everything: Cascade 220 in 4002, 8555, and 9404.

With the "Jelly" Kidsilk Haze I bought on my trip, I'm going to knit another lace capelet and actually KEEP and wear this one myself.

Have I mentioned the HEMP yarn I knit with last weekend? I ended up really enjoying knitting with it; I bought the Get to Know Hemp Kit and so far, our relationship's gone well. I knit a washcloth last week and have since cast on for a scarf.



Get to know hemp!! That sounds funny and made me laugh! Hemp as so many uses!
I can order hemp based stocks at work! Intrepid!!! Great word!

Oh! I'm planning to make that same Noni bag with the flowers! I just adore that bag ever since I saw it at the Guild meeting.

E-mail me about when you work - I would love to come in some time when you are there, and I always seem to miss you!

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