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Knitting in circles

Knitting in the round, knitting in circles, knitting around . . . I think I've figured out what most appeals to me to knit and why. Unlike lace knitting or other "patterned" knitting, knitting in the round quiets my mind -- when it's a particularly mentally "noisy" time for me, I can start a new sock (or capelet, or felted bag . . . anything knit in the round) and it calms me.

I just returned from a quick trip back to see family members we missed seeing on our last trip "home" during the holidays. Because it's where we both grew up and it's where both our families still live, it's difficult to fit in seeing everybody and we've accepted that there are those who will feel perpetually short-changed NO MATTER WHAT WE DO. At least one person has confirmed what I suspect several familiy members feel -- their behavior is a subtle form of "punishment" for our choice to move away from where we grew up. This dynamic is what had me craving some meditative knitting in the round. It's interesting that those who most wanted us to stay and never leave are also the ones who've had the most unresolved personal issues of their own -- unrelated to our choices. Even if we moved back, it wouldn't fix anybody. I did, however, enjoy this trip! I enjoyed seeing the people who wanted to see us, who enjoy our company and are delighted to see us -- no strings attached. I also fit in a quick trip to a yarn store and scored a ball of Kidsilk Haze in a
color I've been wanting

There's no place like home -- THIS home.


Sorry to hear your trip was a bit stressful!

Click those sequined red heels, Missy! ;-)

Glad you made it home, and glad that home's home to you!

I love the Kidsilk Haze but I can't find anything to make with it.

I love knitting in the round, probably for the same reason. Whenever I knit something with rows, it just has a different feeling. Does that make sense? I like going around and around.

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