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Noni Bags' Embellishments - Flowers

I failed to publish the details regarding the Noni Bags' embellishments when I blogged about my Medium Carpet Bag yesterday. I'm going to knit a dark red camellia; here's a post I came across today where Be*Mused has photos of what the Unfurling Rose looks like pre- and post-felting. Two of my co-workers are knitting the Tube Baguette (in the recommended colors) along with the Spider Chrysanthemum. (The flower patterns are sold separately from the bag patterns). From what I understand, the Baguette is a little more "fiddly" as far as pattern instructions go (but the results will be smashing!) The carpet bag I am working on is similar to the Booga Bag in construction and ease of knitting (knitting round and round -- approx 64 rounds for the medium-size -- with no i-cord to knit). If you've ever knit a Sophie or a Booga, you'll have no problem knitting the Noni Bags' Carpet Bag. Another friend (and fellow knitter) ordered the pattern to make the Garden Party Bag (that's a LOT of camellias!)

And while I know that some people scoff at cute things, this was just too adorable not to purchase - it is FUN and FUNCTIONAL:

Ladybug Measuring Tape

This tape measure travels with me in my handbag. I have two other tape measures, less elegant, but equally (they ALL measure things!) functional that usually end up in the bottom of my knitting bag or basket. Having a few means that no matter where I am, I have my tape measure! True knitters will understand -- a tape measure is your friend:

Measure2.jpg Measure3.jpg


oh thanks for all the noni links, it is cool to see what others are doing. i have to line my first bag this weekend. and then hopefully put it to use!

Thanks for the mention! The unfurling rose is easy to knit and interesting to watch materialize as you knit it. Just don't use doubled LP!! ;-)

I love the tape measure. As a crafter, in gneral, though not a knitter, I can attest to the loveliness of ruler s of all sorts. The new bag is cool. The Booga bag you mademe is one of my favorite purses ever. I don't carry it as often as I'd like, but that is due to my need for big bags.

Whenever I try to reply to your comments on my blog, they come back to me. Something about your email address. Strange.

We are going to be bag twins if you are making yours in the dark gray/black combo; I've even got red for my camellias too! I figure I can make more flowers in other colors, but I love black purses. It would be nice to be able to switch them out!

My bag start will be delayed a little bit as I force myself to finish some other items first. Also, Mike took my yarn so he can make a messenger bag (from Knitty), so now I need more yarn! I'm just glad he is knitting. I can't wait to see how your bag turns out!