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Noni Bags' Unfelted Medium Carpet Bag


I've finished the KNITTING of this bag but still need to (1) weave in the ends, (2) felt it, (3) shape it and (4) crease it. I also need to find handles and a closure that I like. Tonight I'm going to start knitting the red camellia to go with this bag. Yesterday I also started my "Yarn-ventory" spreadsheet (I hesitate to call it a "stash" inventory since it doesn't seem like I have enough to qualify as "stash" yet). In the process of creating the spreadsheet, I noticed that I really don't have impulse purchases of yarn. Every yarn purchase can be matched with its project (just need to start and finish them!) I also noticed that I'd organized my wool scraps by yarn company. I have enough Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride to make a striped hot pad (will felt it) and enough Cascade 220 to make a few coasters.

In going through my sock yarn to try to make a final decision on my Sockapaloooza socks, I decided on what I think will be PERFECT for my sock pal -- the Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn I bought in February. I'll get started on those QUITE soon as they need to be in the mail no later than early May 2006!

I've been SO inspired lately while making the rounds of my favorite blogs. I can't distill my feelings to pat phrases or bullet points, but it is just refreshing to see bloggers being authentic and real, writing with their own fresh voices. I've made a conscious effort to focus on reading encouraging blogs and stay away from the dogmatic, dry ones and it's changed me. I challenge you to read through the archives of your favorite blogs . . . take some time to really get to know the bloggers (some of you already do this, I know!). I have a local favorite that I've been reading since Hurricane Rita -- SciGuy - some very thought-provoking things and interesting things there. One of a handful of blogs I've never stopped reading is Keri Smith's Wish Jar Journal and one of my favorite NEWEST blog reads is Saunshine - there are some little gems in her blog that aren't solely related to knitting. For the latest in knitting, fashion and pop culture, check out And Knitting. I'll be sharing more blogs with you over the next few blog entries.

This past weekend, we went shopping for my son's birthday present - a new skateboard. I took some time to actually LOOK at some of the other items at Fast Forward and found a ton of cute things, including the flip flops I've been wanting. If I was about 30 years younger, this is where I'd shop for clothes. Needless to say, I don't think I have what it takes to be a skater girl - I'll just enjoy it vicariously.

Fast Forward - Decks Fast Forward Wall of Decks


Good job on the bag. I also like the photos of the skateboard stuff; I'm actually kind of stoked.

Just get yourself one sk8er girl shirt or somehting and wear it when you feel spunky. *grins* Love the black and gray of the new bag.

I knit a Noni, too! In fact I am putting up a button on my blog for those of us that have knit one of these very cool bags. I can't wait to see what yours looks like when it's done!

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