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Stitching Store & More

Yesterday I met a friend at 3 Stitches in Spring, Texas - our first trip there to check out what they carry and also an opportunity for me to buy embroidery floss to complete a cross-stitch project I started over decade ago. I was amazed at the depth and breadth of what they carry for stitchers! In addition to what one would normally find in a fine stitchery shop, they had a great selection of buttons, beads and charms of all kinds. It was almost overwhelming taking it all in - I've just never seen a store that seemed to carry EVERYTHING and anything for the stitcher. I don't know how often I'll find myself needing to go there, but I will definitely send people to this one-stop shop. With so many craft mega-stores around, it's refreshing to be able to find small stores with an excellent selection and a knowledgeable and passionate staff. I much prefer to take my money and my business to places like 3 Stitches. It's not always about saving a few pennies, but supporting small local businesses.

We also visited the The Hen House a few miles down the street from 3 Stitches. The Hen House is a quilting store and home decor and gift shop that also specializes in felting and novelty yarns. I've purchased Crystal Palace yarn and needles there (in addition to candles and a small stitching project), but I just can't figure out why it doesn't seem a warm and friendly place. I'm sure they're delightful people and perhaps they're suspicious of a competitor's employee coming in, but I do NOT go in there as anything more than a customer. If anybody asks me about Crystal Palace yarns (which we don't carry), The Hen House is where I send them! I'm intrigued by their extensive quilting fabric supply and notions and accessories and it would be neat if they offered quilting classes for beginners. Perhaps there are just local businesses like The Hen House who feel they have all the customers they need. I may never know.

The day was not a loss, however, as the weather was great and I got to spend time with a good friend! And, in the evening at Sit & Knit, we presented our fellow knitter and co-worker with a Friendship Blanket to honor the upcoming birth of her first granchild. This was the secret project I alluded to a couple of weeks ago:

Friendship Blanket


The blanket is beautiful! What a lovely and meaningful gift.

Oh, the blanket is beautiful! I'm sure she loved it too.

I went back to the Hen House today; it was the first time I felt "warm-ish" and welcome there. I think because she (the owner) remembered that I was there last month with the lace knitters, and we will be back this month. (The day with the lace knitters was really good too - her husband is very outgoing and helpful!)

It is sad though that it was the first time I really felt that way and I've gone there 4-5 times in the past year.