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It's like playing pick-up sticks

It's like pick-up sticks
L to R: Size 0 DPN, toothpick, Size 1 DPN

Several knitters think knitting with double pointed needles (DPNs) is like wrestling with a porcupine, but ever since I learned how to knit socks, I've enjoyed knitting with DPNs. I don't know why, but it's comfort knitting for me. Yesterday, however, my frustration with the Sockapaloooza sock led to knitting a teeny tiny sock -- basically I needed to successfully start and finish a sock or I wasn't going to feel good about my day. I was recovering from Phase 1 of 100 of my dental work, a little bit relaxed from painkillers when I was hit with "what if I knit a tiny sock with the smallest needles I own?" The result was yesterday's sock. What I really want to try to make someday are sock earrings. Yesterday's tiny sock is HUGE compared to the tiny socks I would wear on my ears.

Although I am wonderfully back on track knitting socks for my Sock Pal, it hasn't been without pitfalls. I spent the evening knitting with Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in "Watercolor" when I realized it was pooling unpleasantly. Hadn't I just been reading on a knitblog about LL Shepherd Sock and suprising pooling issues? After 2 inches of 2x2 ribbing, it was clear that I wasn't going to be happy with the pooling, so I frogged and restarted with Trekking XXL. If you go to the Sockapaloooza site, you'll see that many industrious knitters have completed their socks. Not so for me. I should have gone through this knitting and re-knitting step LAST month, or even the month before. Anybody who is knitting socks at this point is probably a lot closer to successfully finishing their socks than I.

It's fascinating that knitting for somebody else brings out a lot more of the perfectionist in me than when knitting for myself. I'm learning that with a deadline and a recipient, I am very fastidious and exacting about how I want this to turn out. I want her to feel all the good things that went into this sock and if there are errors, I want her to feel that they were not thoughtlessly knit in to the socks, but instead show my desire to make the socks unique. I can hope!


Smaller than a toothpick! Scary. Your sockapooloza socks will be wonderful. Your kniitng is excellent and the yarn is perfect. As far as the dental work...keep taking the drugs and hang out in LaLa land.

Your socks will be perfect when complete and the recipient will love them! I think this perfectionist aspect of knitting makes us all better.

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