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Lorna's Laces Tiny Sock


I starting knitting this tiny sock while waiting in line to pick up the little guys at school and finished the toe decreases when we got home. Even though the tiny sock is not representative of how an adult-size sock would look as far as the striping goes, it's a great way to try out a sock yarn without knitting a full-size sock. I can get a pretty good idea of what my gauge will be and how the yarn behaves. It's great sock-knitting practice (for those who need it, that is -- and I do) and you can tackle all the tricky elements right away. More importantly, it's satisying to finish one and offers great stress relief while knitting it.

I used a wonderful colorway from Lorna's Laces - "Pinstripe' and knit with Size 0 (2mm) Brittany Birch DPNs.

My Sockapaloooza sock is moving right along and I should be able to finish the first sock today -- toe decreases always require a bit more focus than I can manage on a typical day.

For the past week and a half, I've had to face some of my worst fears regarding a loved one and although I feel incredibly helpless in the face of it, knitting has helped so much. I've been knitting these socks for my sock pal while I deal with everything and there is just such significance in it for me. I will really enjoy giving these socks away when the time comes. It's also helped make me aware that I want to knit socks for my loved ones and close friends (those who would LIKE handknit socks, that is) and it helps me to understand this writer's blog entry about knitting socks for her loved ones.


Glad you have something productive and creative to focus on. I'm sure certain family members would find comfort and value in getting a pair, too, if you decided to do that. The socks are looking great.

That little sock is adorable!

Sorry to hear about the frustrating and helpless situation... glad the knitting has helped get you through that...

That is the cutest wee sock!

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