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Noni Bags' Medium Carpet Bag - Felted

(pardon the cluttered photo)

I felted the Noni bag this morning and am in the process of shaping it -- I'll be very aggressive with the shaping. I want defined creases on either side of the bag and a more defined bottom edge as well. I love the idea of a black felted handbag, but this one is much more chic than a plain black bag. The subtle striping makes it interesting.

The flower has been more fun to knit than I thought it would be -- I can't wait to make more!

I'm sure that every knitter has attempted felting (which technically isn't felting but FULLING when done in the washing machine), but in case you haven't, I love the instructions on Knitty - Felting for Absolute Beginners and Felt This! -- both great resources for all the information you need. While the Noni bag is drying and shaping, I'll be finishing my Lace Capelet (#4) with the Kidsilk Haze (Jelly) that I bought in Oklahoma at S.W.A.K.


You may have mentioned this before so I hope you don't mind my dumb question. Do you felt the flower,also? It looks great the way it is.

Hi I just saw your Carpet bag on the internet. I bought the pattern but the flower was not included. I want to make the huge bag. I was wondering how many layers of flowers are there? I know it is one continuous row as I bought the pattern with the camelia. They look almost the same to me only huge! LOL I know it uses one whole skein up! That is BIG! :-) thank you!
hugs, NinfaC

Thanks for your visit, Ninfa. I have 13 petals on my camellia and it took a tiny bit over 1 skein (I had purchased two skeins of the same color). It turned out very big. Let me know if you have more questions and I'll try to answer them!

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