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Sockapaloooza Progress

Knit Picks Sock Landscape - "Cape Cod"

I didn't forget about my Sockapaloooza sock . . . I was just having a really hard time deciding on a yarn worthy of my Sock Pal. I finally decided to go with the yarn I originally purchased for Sockapaloooza and even though I tried really hard to find something negative about knitting with this yarn, I can't. I think it's awesome! This was also the yarn that knit up the nicest on Size 2 needles.

Of course, I have doubts running through my mind . . . will it fit? Will she like it? Will she wear them? But even veteran Sockapalooza knitters have the same doubts, so if they can forge ahead, then I shall too. I signed up as a "beginner" because I knew these doubts would surface and I didn't want to have committed to something too advanced or intricate. I just want to do the best possible job on a simple pair of socks.

To knit these socks, I'm using Elizabeth Bennett's Perl Sock Program. It appears that she's made some updates to the pattern generator (February 2006) and they're definite improvements, in my opinion. Check it out!

Sadly, however, I had to frog the capelet I was working on . . . my gauge was SO off and the capelet was going to end up about 2-4" less in circumference than the previous one (itself a bit on the small side). I knit the first three capelets with bamboo circulars -- THIS one, I used my Denise needles in the same size. I think I will have to knit this on 11's if I stick with the Denise (which I probably will -- I love the points on the Denise when I am knitting with lacy yarn).

In addition to knitting my Sockapaloooza socks, I also have non-knitting issues that have cropped up -- things involving root canals, crowns, endodontists, gum trimming, cavities, TMJ. Lovely. I'm trying not to think too hard about the fact that if I'd seen a dentist sooner . . . prior to the pain . . . then the measures probably wouldn't have to be so drastic or costly. So your public service announcement for today: SEE YOUR DENTIST.


Lovin' the sock yarn, your pal will love them too. Great color! Sorry to hear about the caplets but better to frog than to have regrets. Even more sorry to hear about the dental health issues. Hang in there and be sure to take time out for yourself to rest and heal.

Thanks for the PSA!

The sock is really nice so far - I felt nervous about my sock capabilities, but my socks came out pretty nice, I think. I'm sure your pal will love them! I love the colors you chose - I was thinking of buying that yarn myself once.