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Sockapaloooza Sock Progress

Trekking XXL 107 Sockapaloooza Sock

This was my progress as of Wednesday morning (yesterday) and not much has been made since. I've had to restart the heel flap and heel a few times before I figured out that there is a math error on Elizabeth Bennett's Perl Sock Program. After three tries at turning a round heel (based on a 72-stitch sock pattern) with the program instructions, I figured out that it probably wasn't ME, but the instructions. I confirmed that after checking Heels by Number. I'm learning to trust my instincts but sometimes I assume that written instructions must be correct.

Something I've learned about the Trekking XXL is that any stitches, once dropped, are difficult to pick up due to its tendency to split. Makes for a frustrating "fixing" session when the stitches are tiny to begin with.

At this point, however, with all that is going on here, I'm grateful I've made progress on SOMETHING.This pair of socks is going to be the only thing I have time to work on.


Thanks for your comment supporting my knot. You were the inspiration for my Mexi-sock. I loved the yarn I saw on your page. Coincidentally, I'm working on Trekking XXL 110 after I finish Mexisock 2. I guess I'm just going to keep following your projects to learn the pros and pitfalls ahead of time. :-) Great socks.

Looking great. Your perseverance is paying off!

I just want to say that I love the sock. I've never worked with the Treking XXL but I usually have to rip out anything that I knit so maybe I will stay away from it. Hope your dental work is a distant memory!

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