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Sockapaloooza Sockapalicious Sockapafinished (one)


There's nothing that makes me happier than grafting / kitchnering toes on a cuff-to-toe sock. It signals a FINISH (of at least one sock). My goal with this whole sock thing has been to master knitting a basic pair of socks without a pattern - that is, picking up needles and yarn and just knitting a sock or two. When I was at work yesterday, I flipped to the sock section in Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's Knitting Rules and she wrote exactly what I've been thinking and I realized the sock thing is definitely "IT" for me.

I've learned so much while knitting the Sockapaloooza socks and couldn't have accomplished it without my favorite sock resources:

1. Elizabeth Bennett's Perl Sock Program - except for her "round heel" option on a 72-stitch sock . . . it just didn't work for me.

2. Heels by Number - the "rounder heel" option

3. Picking Up Stitches: Techniques by Theresa - the illustrations were just what I needed to perfect the main thing I have trouble with -- picking up gusset stitches "neatly*. I can do it now and I want to do it over and over again.


I've neglected to post my finished Noni bag but will do that sometime this week as I catch up on blogging.


Love the colors! Very nice work!

looks great, love that trekking!

I *LOVE* this sock. Your kitchnering is a beautiful thing. You are indeed a a terrific sock knitter. Looking forward to seeing that Noni bag.

The sock is gorgeous! Socks are "IT" for me, too. :)

I love Kitchenering, too! So nice to hear from someone who doesn't quiver in fear when it comes up.

And great looking socks!

That is a beautiful colorway! Don't you just love Trekking?

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