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Teeny Tiny Sock

Small Sock_ No Hotlinking without attribution.jpgIn my utter frustration today, I decided to attempt a teeny tiny sock. I've been knitting away on my Sockapaloooza sock, all the while feeling quite nervous about my ever-dwindling ball of sock yarn. I've never knitted with this yarn before and I felt pretty good about it, but I am clearly going to run out of yarn before I run out of sock to knit. Hmph. I've already cast on with a different yarn and smaller needles so that I can start yet ANOTHER sock for my sock pal. Luckily, I'm getting a lot of sock-knitting practice and no doubt these new socks will be better socks. I hope.

The tiny sock above was knit with Size 0 Brittany Birch DPN's and a small amount of scrap yarn. This sock won't get a mate, however. I intend to use it in my sock-knitting class to illustrate what TINY needles can create. (Duh - tiny socks). Naturally, as I was knitting, I was thinking of knitting even SMALLER socks. If I do, I will definitely need something to magnify the sock - I think my eyes are going bad (surely it's not due to knitting tiny socks).


Oh, how adorable!!

I just love the tiny sock & what drew me here was the even tinier sock earings. I love to knit. It is my relaxation. I make scarves & fashion knit bags that my daughter calls "hippie bags" I want to knit socks but need a really simple starter pattern, can you help me there? Thanks & I just love thew ting sock(s.)

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