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Trekking XXL 107 - Sockapaloooza third attempt

Sockapaloooza third attempt

Since this photo was taken, I've gotten to the point where I have to knit another inch before starting the heel flap; I've made much faster progress on this third sock and I think it's the yarn more than my motivation to complete the sock. Trekking tends to want to split a little bit more, but I think it's the unique nature of this subtly-striped yarn that makes it so. This yarn is very soft and remarkably light. The other two yarns I was using felt heavier and denser. The only drawback to knitting with Trekking XXL is that it makes one want to acquire more Trekking XXL!

In other incomplete knits news, I've finished the bobble for the red camellia and now just need to shape and "sew" the flower together prior to felting it. I'm already in love with the Noni bag and I haven't even started carrying it yet. It's definitely not dainty, but it is unique and fun.

Finally, there is an exciting new yarn store in town --Yarntopia! Tune in to the latest (Episode 4) Pointy Sticks podcast to hear Christine's interview with Amy, the co-owner of Yarntopia. Sheryl, the other half of Yarntopia, is crazy for sock yarn too. I love that they have a blog for the store!


Great progress on the sock.
How fun that you have a new yarn store. Their blog looks fun.

Glad to hear your love for Trekking XXL - I have a ball in my stash. I just wondering when I am ever going to finish another sock?!

I do love how Trekking XXL knits up... good thing I have more than one or two skeins in my stash, since it sounds like ya can't knit just one skein. :)

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