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Assembled Noni Medium Carpet Bag

The Noni . . . she is assembled

If you're knitting a Noni, pay close attention to the finished dimensions. I was prepared to knit the large carpet bag until I decided to actually read the instructions and see what the size was going to be. Even though I chose the medium, it is quite large in proportion to my barely-over-five-feet-tall frame.

If you click below, you can see the finished size as I am holding it:

Noni Medium Carpet Bag - Outdoors

Next up is finishing (or frogging and restarting) this:

Knitty Tempting Sweater
click the photo above for additional notes

And if you're reading this far, I am going to share something with you that I realized yesterday. I've been taking things too easy. It's partly because I need to. I am dealing with some significant and stressful family issues right now. However, I've noticed that over the past several years, I've failed to challenge myself like I used to when I was working outside the home. Back then, I knew that at least 40 hours a week were spoken for and I owed my employers my full attention on the job. With the added demands of family, single parenthood, school and more, I still managed to find time to make and achieve my goals. I've never lacked passion or desire to do or be more, but the significant thing I had back then that I don't have now is self-discipline. I didn't wake up yesterday missing it all of a sudden -- I simply haven't had to have it. And I also haven't found myself lacking because of it -- I just noticed that I've developed a rhythm that comes from having more time in which to do things. (An activity will expand to fill the time available for it).

So now it's almost summer. School's out on Friday and I will have even more open-ended, unscheduled time. The idea here for me is not to fill it with endless and sometimes mindless activity (gosh, I hate it when people do that -- they actually think they are getting somewhere) but to be totally conscious of what I hope to achieve. It means reconnecting with my values, my mission, and my goals and consciously applying self-discipline to that. When I've done that in the past, I've achieved EVERY goal I've set.

I'm not sharing my goals yet, because I don't want there to be a perception that I am benchmarking myself against anybody else -- I'm only trying to be my own personal best. And, really, until now, I was focused on what has been important to me: relationships and doing first things first.

Now it's 'out there' since I've written it down. It's not really important whether anybody see or read this, but it's important to me and therefore, might also speak to somebody else who happens upon this blog. I believe that if we are seeing and listening, we will find the tools and ideas we need precisely when we need them.


I think your Noni is gorgeous! You did an awesome job on your camellia!

That bag is adorable! It turned out great with the flower.

Great job on the bag! And congratulations on reconnecting with your values/goals. Self-discipline is a great endeavor - good post!

Self discipline is something I have been considering as well. I know you are right in that the more motivated and the less time we have the more we can do. LOL I have done more today getting ready for my trip than I did the other three days because I HAVE to, and I have less time. SOmething to consider definitley.
You KNOW I LOVE that bag!

Stunning bag! And your words on self discipline echo some things I've been thinking about lately.

Oh my goodness!

I had no clue that camelia (sp?) was so BIG! It's just stunning!! I love the black/red contrast!

BTW - Sophie #1 is much used! :-)

Self-discipline is so hard to master. But you're right - it's all a matter of the mind and wanting it badly enough. I decided today that whether one perceives the glass as half full or half empty all boils down to how thirsty one is for more of what's in the glass. If you wanna fill 'er up with more ya gotta make the effort.

I think that most people are a "work in progress," always working on different aspects of life and personality. Self discipline and motivation are tough for a lot of people, but just the fact that you are aware of areas that may need a little "tweak" here and there, puts you miles ahead of all the people who go through life half asleep.
I like to reevaluate my goals throughout the year and just check in with myself to make sure I am on the right track.
BTW- The bag is wonderful!

Your Noni is stunning! I can't believe the size of that bag! Thanks for sharing, it really is a beautiful piece.

LOVE the Noni, and thank you for the size reminder!!

As for self discipline? Somehow, even in the brief time I "know" you, I get the feeling you DO whatever you put your mind to, and now that you have defined this set of goals, nothing is stopping you *s*

Now, run along and email me your mailing address and don't ask any questions ;-) I promise you will be happy you did.

Oh Janet!!!!
this is FABULOUS!!!!
love it!
you did a beautiful job.

Your Noni Bag is beautiful! I just bought that pattern yesterday. I haven't bought the yarn for it yet. Found your blog while doing a search for the bag, looking for color ideas.

Great post, great bag!

btw-You are one of the most self-disciplined people that I know. I have no doubt that whatever you decide to do, you will do it.


It's me again, I just love all of your felted items, beautiful photos to boot; where can I purchase the patterns for NONI and the other wonderful felted items?

Thanks a hank

I knitted and felted the large bag and it is huge!!!! I am going to make straps for it instead of a purchased handle. It is more like an overnight nag or briefcase.

I came searching for Noni bags and found something even better, what a beautiful thought, expressed so beautifully.

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