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Claudia's Handpainted Yarn - Anklets

I just couldn't leave the yarn alone, so I cast on for the anklets while I was at the doctor's office the other day:

Sherbet Anklets with Claudia's Handpainted Yarn

The brilliant idea for anklets was inpsired by Pixiestikz's blog entry about her bright, cheery anklets. And, honestly, why didn't I think of anklets before? Lolly's also knitting anklets and they're a beautiful shade of green.

I was delighted when this arrived yesterday:

Knit Cafe

When I was in L.A. last year, this was the yarn store I nearly decided not to visit - it turned out to be the one I enjoyed the most! The book contains everything I enjoyed about actually being in the store, finding a must-knit pattern (and then knitting it 4 times), and exceptionally helpful employees. The photos in the book are unbelievable - there are some WOW patterns (I really need to do the math on the La Luz evening gown - it's beautiful) and new twists on basic knits (scarves and hats). Julia and Mary-Heather both have patterns in the book. I also love the WeHo vibe of the book:


But for now, instead of curling up with this wonderful book, I must get ready to go to the best little yarn store in Texas, my happy place.


Those anklets are going to be YUMMY! Have a lovely time at your happy place. :)

What great colors! This is my second pair of anklets I am working on, and I just love them! You will too! :)

Thanks for the book review - I have to check this out next time I am at the bookshop.

Best wishes,

THat book looks so awesome-I am going to have to check it out.

Yay! Glad you liked the book! I'm also glad you came in to the store- you mastered my capelet design, I just love your versions so much!