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Felted Camellia - Cascade 220

Noni Felted Camellia

Pattern: Noni Bags Camellia
Yarn: Cascade 220 (held double) Color 8414
Needle: US 11
Purchased at Twisted Yarns

If you're knitting a Noni Bag, you should definitely try one of her felted flower patterns to go with it. This camellia was deceptively simple and fun to knit and the pattern instructions are terrific. I think the outcome is striking and I love the texture and dimension of the camellia. You can knit this in an evening (not the month that it took me). I think the only thing I would do differently for my next camellia is make the outer petals the same size as the inner petals (which would also make it a one-skein pattern). To knit this with two strands held together, I used both ends of the skein held together instead of 1 strand each from two skeins. So, to those of you who asked, it definitely IS possible to knit a camellia with one skein of Cascade 220 as long as it is not a "large" camellia. I only had to use my second skein for the bobble in the center.

When I assemble and complete and begin using this bag, I think this will be the last felted bag I make for a while. Although I loved it, I want to challenge myself to finish some incomplete projects and also work on some more challenging knits. Granted, it's hard to keep my resolve when new Noni patterns arrive:

Noni Felted Bag Pattern - Bobbles Bobbles Noni Felted Bag Pattern - In the Sculpture Garden Noni Felted Bag Pattern - Night Garden

My Sockapaloooza Sock Pal received the socks I knit for her (Trekking XXL #107)! I'm delighted she loves them and wears them. I enjoyed the Sockapaloooza experience and would do it again in a heartbeat. Alison and my sock sister did a wonderful job - I salute you!


What I got from this experience: I learned that I love knitting socks for others.


Ya know, your blog makes me happy, Janet. I just love the things you make, the colors of the yarns. :)

That flower is just so fun... I've read so many wonderful things about the sockapalooza experience, I think I'll have to do the next round!!

Camilla turned out lovely! What are some of the incomplete projects that you will finish now?

Yup, still wearing, washing, and wearing, and showing off my socks!

I can't even tell you how much I adore the "Bobbles Bobbles Everywhere" bag! It is *so* cute! But that sure is a lot of bobbles to knit! I think I'll stick to the bag that matches yours for now!

Your flower turned out so beautiful! I can't wait to see the bag!

Can you help me knit this flower? Thank's!


Hi Mai Anh! The NONI Camellia Pattern instructions are great -- I suggest following the step-by-step instructions in the pattern exactly as they are written. If you then encounter any issues with understanding them, I'll attempt to help via email.