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I didn't forget how to knit

I didn't forget how to knit, but I was afraid I had! I've been gone several days. I got home on Wednesday after dealing with family medical issues. Thank you to my friends here for the support and prayers and my employers for the understanding. Knitters are such warm and thoughtful people.

Now I am wanting to knit socks for everybody who helped me while I was at home. Everybody needs socks, right? I just can't begin to describe how incredibly calming and soothing it was to pick up my knitting for the first time in almost a week and JUST.KNIT.

TWO things to share about human behavior during crisis situations and family illness:

1. People will always behave in a way that is consistent with their TRUE nature
2. It is healthier to focus on the kindnesses than it is to focus on the insensitivity (not easier, just healthier)

I am grateful for help from good friends, but am also surprised at the total silence from those at home I thought I could count on to at least offer encouragement . . . to let me know that they were thinking of us.

Three words that have come to mean the world to me: "Have you eaten?"

What can you do when you don't think you can do anything? Remind me to breathe and sleep and allow me to cry, to yell, to curse. And of course, you can always listen. Just LISTEN.

So much kindness (again, the focus on this) came from unexpected places. From complete strangers.

For those I haven't had a chance to call or email yet, my mom is still in the hospital and my dad, who suffers from dementia, remains home for now. Finally, I couldn't have left for a week unless I had incredible support from my husband. I know that at any time, he can take over all my duties and run everything (in addition to doing his job) -- and do it well!


I am glad you have that support. (((HUGS)))

Peace and hugs to you. So glad you have a network around you. I'll say prayers for your family. And... have you eaten?

I was worried when you were away for so long, and I'm sorry it was something like this that kept you away.

If I didn't live on the far side of the country I'd bring you a loaf of Chocolate Chip Banana Bread, but seeing as I do, I'll send prayers your way, and if you ever want the recipe, it's yours too.

Take care, and make sure to surround yourself with all your best "have you eaten" friends,

Still praying for you and yours my dear as you all travel through this. ((hugs))

Catch me up to speed when you can, Janet. I'm glad you made it home safe and sound, and hope things take a better turn for your mom soon. Few things are as overwhelming as an ill parent in another state, not knowing when to stay and when to go... and I'm so glad you have a handful of sisters to "tag team" with! That's surely a great comfort to your mom, as well, to have someone there with her all the time. Take care!

Hang in there...

So glad you that you did not forget how to knit!!

I agree with the things you have said here regarding people. "Have you eaten"...she sure does love to make sure of that. She always asks if I have eaten when I check on her!

It is nice to see how your sisters pull together when needed and it was nice to meet, listen and talk with you all. Keep knitting!

As always, if you you all need anything please do not hesitate to ask.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Remember we are here for you and are happy to do anything we can to help here at home. It's the little things that seem to matter the most. We often take our meals for granted and never think twice about them. You and yours are always in our thoughts and prayers. ((HUGS))

oh dear!
I hope you are well now-I will send some hugs out with the card!

I had been missing you - I wondered where you were. I will be sending all of you positive thoughts and prayers. Let me know if you ever need someone to just listen - I would be happy to be there for you.

Goodness. Just now reading this. Hope you are all okay, Janet. Miss you!