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Interruptions are okay

While I intened to fill my time yesterday with finishing the pinstripe sock and assembling my Noni bag, my day instead consisted of a doctor visit, breathing treatments, a chest x-ray, nebulizer rental and medication for one of my boys who has bronchiolitis. While I was at the doctor's office, I cast on for the anklet socks I want to make with the "sherbet" Claudia's Handpainted Yarn. However, I don't feel the need to make excuses for what I didn't do knitting-wise yesterday -- I handled what was most important at the time. Knitting is just something that fills in spaces of time here and there and I don't feel guilty about what I don't finish or when I don't get to blog about what I intended to blog about.

When our doctor walked in to the exam room, I noticed he'd lost some weight -- and he mentioned that he's lost 55 pounds. He looks great. He shared that it was important to him and his family to be fit and healthy and he said, "If anybody has excuses for not exercising, it's me - but instead of making excuses, I made the time." Everybody has the same number of hours in the day, right? How you spend your time is a personal choice and people MAKE time (and not excuses) for what is important to them. So those of you tsk-ing at my incomplete and ambitious knitting projects, those things will be finished when the important things have gotten the focus and attention they deserve.

And since I'll be quite busy this weekend and throughout the week next week, I thought I would share what I got for an early birthday present:

Treo 650

My husband got this for me and taught me how to use it (he has one already). The Treo uses a Palm OS, so I can use applications written for Palm PDA's. I've already put knitting patterns on this and it's proved quite handy to have to carry with me. I love it because I'm such a gadget girl anyway (but y'all knew that, right?)

Today - do something you enjoy and silence your inner critic. Monkey
says, "Have a wonderful weekend!"


Hope your boy is doing better today!!

Oh, cool PDA - I have KnitAble and I love it. Great to have a list of your yarns, needles, patterns, etc with you when you're in a shop - keeps me from buying duplicates.

I had the 600, then Sprint upgraded me to the 650 because my 600 broke all the time. When my contract expired and I left the job I originally needed the phone for, I sold the phone, but I miss it! (I still have my Nextel, which I keep because hubby and my friends and I use direct connect ALOT) If you email me your address I have a brand new in the package car charger for the Treo I forgot to list when I sold the Treo =)

Use it well, it's a great phone/camera/PDA!

So true Janet. Great words here!
Hope the little one gets better soon! The Treo is awesome!

Truer words could not be spoken (written?)! I have learned to treat my knitting as a reward of sorts when all the other parts of my day are done - I like the feling it gives me.
I love your Treo, I hate to admit to a bit of jealousy. :)

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