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Orange & Blue

I've noticed a trend in the colors that appeal to me these days; particularly vibrant orange paired with an understated blue:

Orange & Blue

I looked up information regarding the 2007 color forecast and found this: Pantone 2007 Color Forecast - MSN Article. Apparently, my favorite palette is Melange. I realized that some things that appealed to me at Paper Source were from this color palette and my long wish list there includes paper products in Papaya, Poppy, Bluebell and Sky. I use a huge orange Russell-Hazel 3-ring binder for my knitting notebook and my favorite Beverly Hills yarn store is decorated in these colors. My birthday color is "pumpkin." And it turns out it's a popular color scheme on my Flickr as well:

Irish Hiking Scarf

I'm beginning to think I like this color combination.


Hmm... I'm sensing that you might be fond of... blue and orange. :)

Yes, my dad is the Red Castle guy! He's very wacky, but sweet.

Great combination and a very informative post! Excellent words on the previous post, BTW.

Wow. I couldn't believe how many photos you had of the same color combination. Cool!

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