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Tempting Progress

It's a frog and re-start:

Knitty Tempting Progress of the Reknitting

Pattern: Knitty Tempting, Jenna Adorno
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, Color #611
Needles: Clover Bamboo Size 7 (US)

I frogged this 2004 project the weekend before last and restarted it on smaller (circular) needles. I am SO much happier with the ribbing and my error-free knitting this time around. It's clear that when I abandon my knitting for long stretches of time (this unfinished project really DID have dust on it), there's something unresolved that I'm not dealing with. Lesson learned. It's going to be a veritable finishing year for me, I've decided. Did you read the self-discipline blog entries yet? You should! I almost got stuck on acceptance, but managed to push through to the rest (in reality and also in my thought processes). Remember: Don't think about what you don't want.


I remember this from the first round. I love it. The pattern and the color.

Beautiful! That is gonna look great on you!

Good to keep in mind when I face my WIPs - what caused me to abandon it? Is that still going to be a problem, before I get into it again?

LOVE the color - this is going to turn out gorgeous!!!

Really nice work! I don't like to do ribbing, my stitches don't look wonderful on the left edge of the ribs. I don't quite know what I am doing wrong but would welcome suggestions. Great color, great yarn!

Your knitting is perfection! That is some of the nicest looking ribbing I've ever seen.

Pssst... Happy Birthday! :D Hope it was a good one!