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Delightful knitting notions

I found the best Chibi needle holder to date:


A knitter can't live without bent-tip (blunt) tapestry needles, but a sock-knitter might find the standard ones (in the green and white Chibi) a bit too large for sock kitchenering. Enter the orange Chibi like the one I purchased on Saturday. There are three needles packaged with this Chibi and they're smaller, but still the same design as the standard ones. Perfect for weaving in ends on small-gauge knits. Although this is my third Chibi, they'll be my most-used tapestry (darning) needles.

And because my notions have to be cute as well as functional, my daughter bought me this tape measure for my birthday:


Who says functional can't also be adorable?


Oh that is adorable. I have to really bone up on my knitting supplies. I just ordered a Knitting CD set - and can't wait for the personal instruction. xxx

(I'm in Colorado, btw! :-) )

That's a really cute tape measure! I LOVE the yellow Chibi - my most used Chibi yet. Much more useful than the large needles.

I will be on the lookout for those needles.I don't think I've ever seen that brand. And Happy Birthday!

SMALLER Chibis? As you can imagine, music to my ears! I must find these. :) Adorable tape measure! Must not show this to my son. ;)

Happy belated birthday, Janet! :D

I thought that was a tube of lipstick.


Happy belated birthday!! Your tape measure is adorable - I think I'd be pulling the little car out across my knitting and saying "zoom! zoom!" every time. (Yes, I am a dork.)

I will grab a set for sure!

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