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It's like a vacation

I've taken some time off to take care of some things and I'm choosing to treat it as a 'vacation' of sorts. A vacation is a break in routine, a change of scenery, and a time to look at things through fresh eyes. So yes, I'm on vacation while learning some new life skills at the same time.

Knitting time has been non-existent, but I still dream about knitting and I carry my knitting basket with me. The Tempting is nearly complete and I'm still very pleased that it's turning out as I'd hoped. It's possible that I'll be able to wear it next week, so I'll share those photos when I do. Until then, here's a photo in it's present state of almost-completion:



WoW...with everything you have going on I really applaud your wonderful view and attitude! ENJOY the "vacation". ; )

It looks great!

Enjoy your break/vacation Janet

Looks great!

Janet, it's beautiful!! I agree with Darin, with everything you have going on, I too applaud you!! Hope to see you soon.

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