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Knitty Tempting - Finished

Knitty Tempting
(my modification - no ribbon/bow)

I'm finished knitting the Tempting -- it fits wonderfully and I'm very happy with it except for a few finishing tweaks I'll need help with. I let this sit for a couple of days while I decided whether or not I wanted to wear this with the ribbon and bow. Obviously, a no-bow version of the Tempting prevailed. The bow is adorable, but I don't think women my age should wear them.

I loved knitting with the Cashmerino Aran and I love the deep red that I chose. I enjoyed knitting this in the round, but ultimately, I think a knitted garment would "finish" slightly better if it was knit flat and seamed.


It's great without the bow. Why didn't I think of that? Now I'll have to find a yarn and knit it up for me!

Janet, it turned out great!!
Can hardly wait to see it on you. I like it better without the bow as well.

love the tempting! perfect for summer! happy 4th.

Gorgeous tempting in red. Looks fabulous!

The Tempting in red is great! Did you find the Cashmerino Aran (it's Debbie Bliss, right?) splitty at all? My afghan is being knit up with it and I am finding it pretty splitty....although I love the yarn!

Congratulations on "finishing" a really nice project. It looks great!

This is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Oh it is very rich. I love this. I bet it fits beautifully.

It's lovely - and I totally agree about the bow. Heh, women my age shouldn't wear them, either!

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