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Lornas Laces Sock Completion

I completed the Lorna's Laces Sock I started in mid-May.This is the first pair of handknit socks for my husband and it's proving a bit more difficult knitting larger socks, but I've enjoyed it. Lorna's Laces is probably my favorite sock yarn to knit with thus far. (Yes, even more enjoyable to knit than Trekking XXL). I'm curious to see how it washes and wears.

With each sock I knit, I catch on to things that a lot of you probably already take for granted, but I have had to learn them for myself - like slipping stitches purlwise when you redistribute stitches among the working needles. Several months ago, I learned that you slip purlwise whenever you are transferring stitches that you aren't going to work with later. My first traditional heel flap didn't turn out correctly due to the fact that I didn't understand at the time when you knit, slip, knit, slip, etc. that you are slipping purlwise each time.



I'm always delighted and amazed when I finish a sock and I can't imagine ever tiring of knitting them. Did you know that you can also just "start" a sock without worrying about swatching? It's such a small number of stitches, it's no trouble to rip and start over if you don't like the results. Nancy Bush says so.


Look how nice & neat that is!! NICE SOCKS!!

You are the sock master!

They look great! Heh, the first maybe 8 or more pairs of socks I made, I slipped the heels stitches wrong. Those were some darn tight heels...

The heel of your sock looks especially nice!

Your socks turned out great!! I too am starting to get hooked on socks. It's your excitement and beautiful work that inspires me!!

What would you suggest as a good "beginner" pair of socks pattern?

What an awesome looking sock!

I am looking for this yarn! xxx


Ilove your decrease sts, after the k2tog do you use the slp 1 kw, sl 1 pw, k2tog or something else, I love making sock they are so portable, can you give me some suggestions I am new at this and do not have a problem frogging anything, I just really need it to be neat and identitcal to the right side of the sock. I know I'm wordy. Sorry!